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What began as an exposition of a personal lifestyle filled with travel has now become a showcase of media, public relations and discoveries in the worlds of food, fashion and luxury hotels. 3FS Lifestyle brings you a curated collection of the 3 F’s: food, fashion and marketing frameworks, built collectively by the insights of the online alias of founder Sourabh Sharma and his 3 S’s, sssourabh.

Sourabh Sharma is a digital influencer with 10+ years of experience in the marketing space, with a professional background in with luxury marketing, editorial, digital marketing, brand management, social media, management consulting and influencer marketing. He has worked with brands in fashion, beauty, retail, travel, media, hospitality, tech and culinary across five continents. Having grown up in Tanzania, India, the UK and the US, his outlook promises a worldly perspective and global reach.

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8 responses to “About

  1. Hey wassup sssourabh!! Your blog’s looking fine as always =D
    Btw, I just recently moved my blog to fafafoom.com, so would you kindly update my blog link in this page please?

    Have a great weekend,

  2. hi sourabh, i need your help.i want make a carrier in runways modelling .please tell me how many types of men’s fashion week happen in India.and how to reach over there.please help me buddy.i am waiting for your quick and positive response.


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