Food Fashion and Frameworks

I have been described as a kaleidoscope of interests and activities, so coming up with an apt area to channel my thoughts immediately translates itself into a volumous load. Yet, on trying to tie together my core passions, I have formed an identifiable link between food, fashion, and frameworks – of strategy, that is. Strategy? That’s the element in this pyramid that does not blend, at first.

So let’s reiterate; this is not a pyramid, but rather a goggle diagram (a venn diagram modified).

Strategy is the overused MBA word, the anchor of every company’s mission statement, and the inevitable consequence(or support, depending on how you look at it) to describe a recent success a failure. A series of events put together in some kind of arrow become a strategy, when you think about it in retrospect. And when you start tying together frameworks, data, and attempt to forecast the future in uncertain (definitely murky in today’s world) times, that too becomes strategy. Strategy is everywhere and rightfully so, can be anywhere. So why not pull together my passions of food and fashion into a strategy? Clearly, with its watery nature (that is, of flowing into anything and then freezing into a structure; let’s forget the metaphoric significant of melting for now), strategy should be aptly applied to anything.

Coming back to my water metaphor, think of food and fashion as Kool Aid and Tang (no brand endorsements, but I do love both). And voila, you have strategic thinking.

So stay in sync for relevant updates on arenas of food (designs, photos, startups, recipes, observations, and obviously, strategies around food), fashion (photography, insights, trends, preferences, and of course, strategies around fashion), and simply, strategy, and frameworks where necessary. This is my take on the anchoring buzz word that has taken the world by a storm.

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