Lookbook Legacy 2: Ferocity

In the days of yore, mainstream fashion casted a calm, alluring, almost fairy-tale like mystical spell on mortals. Fancy, flowing fabrics, crisp and clean cuts, ornately designed embroidery and symmetrical embellishments, all speaking volumes of respect, dignity, and an overall aspirational life.

Yet, as time rolled on, ferocity came into the picture. While for some it took on the garb of distressed looks, messy fashion, asymmetry and wild cuts, all patterned perfectly in an aptly titled article called Denim is Dead within the context of jeans, for others it took on a more psychological meaning.

Here, I am introducing the concept of animal inspired fashion as part of a lookbook legacy series, ode to a fashion inspiration and addiction, Lookbook. No, we are not going to drop on fours, or grab the fake claws that have been popularized quite fearfully by pop culture, but are rather going to utilize the patterns (do not splatter paint on me thinking that I am talking of fur, since I am very obviously not) and nature inspired design to assemble something truly wild.

Animals are indeed enticing. The delectable single muscled snake with its whipping walk that evokes fear and envy amongst its mates and prey alike. Did you know that a snake’s eyes are always open? Always. Not forgetting the beautiful, gold touched skin that is prevalent in so many colors, revitalizing itself periodically, glistening an hypnotizing to surreal levels. There is the leopard, so distraughtly victimized for its natural polka dotted beauty in hues of golden sunsets splotched with noir darkness. A stealthy predator, and beautiful colors aside, this is probably the source of 70s polka dot fashion, for even without the fuzzy feel, the print is pulsating. Scorpions tantalize by their asymmetric shape, and crane-like sting which inspires love stories, horror movies, and tales of seduction. Eagles, with their keen eyesight and hooked beaks for gnawing at prey, form the airborne version of envy.

Behold how several animals, so few in a long, long list that I admire (and find intolerably cute), have defined fashion.

Animal Planet

A golden scorpion snakes along a white leather belt, waiting to strike, as a blue sequined eagle waits to catch its prey. Always a fan of Armani Exchange’s eagle mascot and the consequently ferocious looks, it was unimaginably rewarding to scoop up a white leather belt of my favorite desert critter from River Island, a favorite of the rain drenched United Kingdom. Truly a fusion of cities and animals.

Uncaged and Unleashed: Leopard on the Prowl

A convoluted title that rose from the Topman leopard head in the shoot. It is strange that sometimes the effortless elements of life have the largest return on investment. While the splatter foiled Armani Exchange tee and ankle crinkled Aldo boots with a pirate skull in the midst of a broken cage from a dark tunnel formed the crux of the photo, and costed time and capital, the simplicity of a frozen ferocity swept the accolades. This leopard shows that patience, simplicity, and to a certain degree, laziness, always work.



Snakes constitute my many obsessions. At the tender age of five, I visited a snake park in Tanzania and fell in love. With aforementioned objects of reptilian lust defined, I felt it apt to construct a look that slithered down my spine. Hence a silver foiled party tee, more apt for snaking into a club rather than a disenchanted sunlit day. Same for the grey leather snake print shoes, completing the entire transformation from man to reptile. Time to peel the skin?

Waiting for the Prey

Patience is virtue for the bird of prey. While one would wonder if this legacy for ferocity, is sponsored by Armani Exchange, it is commendable to note that their juxtaposition of velvet and foil with eagles evokes deep, intrinsically carnivorous emotions. Interpret at will, but the simplicity in the look here was meant to blend into the splash of sunlight, so that the night is long, endearing, and ultimately satisfying.

Predator Caught in the Jungle

A leopard can indeed change his spots. From a golden predator to a cool blue slick and suave debonair, the predator is indeed caught in the jungle, literally. Matching a silk button down with skinny pants, a tattooed pair of Steve Madden lizard print boots and windswept hair, it is now at a nailbiting stage of being face to face with the enemy, who grows powerless over a gaping period of time.

The Vampire Workout

And what climaxes when the leopards have hunted and fed on their prey, the eagles have swam the skies and scorpions have stung their loved ones? When all cats are black and all snakes are seeking pulsating heat waves, the winged vampires come to life. So as to sexily swoop down on their victims (or in Edward Cullen’s case, their fans), it is essential to work out the shoulder blades and back wings. An apt tee with patchwork jeans completed the rugged story. Blue eyes and pink blooded lips accentuated the picture of a dark, blue night.

Ferocity in fashion.

Lick thy lips.

And love it.

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