Lookbook Legacy 4: 10 tees every guy should have

Is fashion really just an induced epidemic? I’ve often wondered, considering my affinity towards shopping, and exploring a shopaholic’s mind.

What’s the first thing you come face to face with in a guy? While one may usually fall for the face, arms or general attire, the largest body part to face a person is the chest. So its no wonder that the pectoral workout ranks in the top 3 for trainers, and that the tee collection sells all year round in retail frontiers.

With every closet I own in each of my homes bursting with clothes, I can’t help but segment all my tees into occasions and seasons. And over time, as I’ve tried to expunge my wardrobe’s lesser worn clothing, I’ve come to a conclusion that really, I only need 10 types of tees, not 142 (counted, precisely). So, in sequence of having your clothes tell a story, ferocity and blue looks, here comes a list of 10 must have tees for guys. Each owned by me and inspired from my lookbook.


Every guy must have the stripes, either elongating vertically, sailor-esque horizontally. They exude a casual, laid back and attractive zeal, and are also trending this year. My pick: Topman’s vertical sailor striped v-neck.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh

Brand Blare

Probably the only fashion blogger to insist you must have one brand blaring tee. It’s not that we hate it when brands use our chests as chalkboards, but having a classy cut is subconsciously indicative of your taste and wallet. My pick: Always Armani Exchange, here in owl grey with gold embellishment.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


I am an obvious literary fanatic. For your tee, pick a quote that isn’t overly desperate, like “Reproductive Male”, or indicative of inadequacy like “Body Under Construction”. A quote that evokes humor, mandates a read, or draws attention to your gym shape is ideal. Make sure that the quote isn’t a contrast to your personality or body type, obviously. My pick: Boy London’s red scream of “My ex is a supermodel”.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh

Chest Print

Your chest will always be an obvious graffiti board for words or pics. Choose the trending shark, your favorite celebrity, or something which matches your views or is in comical contrast to them. A plain colored tee with a single print at the chest is a must for days you are tipping off the scale of lazy, but are salvaged only by a trend. My pick: Plain yellow puppy by Urban Outfitters. Because a puppy can make a heart melt.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh

Animal Print

It takes a real guy to sport the love-hate but hot trend of animal print. Do not go for something tacky in the real animal colors which even the ladies find odd to pull off. Cooler effects speak hot without inducing a cringe. It also need not be an all over print, but an accent. I’d opt for snake print, which evokes enigma, but leopard or zebra could do well. My pick: Foiled snake print silver and purple tee by Armani Exchange.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


Sprinkling sequins or beads is long past the stage of being bound to a woman’s clutch or heel. Menswear tees vary from scarcely there to all over littered with anything that can be sewn or glued to add a punch. Watch out for them in the wash, but they make a perfect excuse for a night where a boring biz casual shirt just won’t do. My pick: Pearl bead letters on black tee by Zara.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh IMGtee lookbook menswear @sssourabh tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


Studs are hot. Trending for the past year, they have moved off of women’s shoes and handbags onto menswear. And not just for jeans, they even add the right amount of spunk to a tee. Watch them make it heavier though, which may add odd weight to certain body parts (shoulders, chest), but as they say, sagging clothes look the best against a gym-toned fit frame. Opt for shoulder or sleeve accents if you don’t want to sport a mirrored armor. My pick: Studded tee by Zara.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


There is something very bad boy about wearing a skull, which should lure you enough to have one. With hoodies, socks and shoes in my skull themed collection, one of the tees that stands out is an inverse colored white one with a black skull. Combine the skull with studs and embellishments and you epitomize rockstar My pick: Topman’s v neck skull tee.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


Tanks trend all summer long, especially on those of us who sweat it at the gym. While colorblock and printed tanks are fine with shorts, I generally find that a plainer tank with a lifeguard or sailor anchor work best, evoking the free traveling spirit so well. Any association with sailors is also alluring, exuding the notion of an adventure. My pick: Topman’s lifeguard tank

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabhtee lookbook menswear @sssourabh


And finally the plain tee. Easy for sleeping, layering, chilling, or doing nothing. Opt for colors you like that can match or contrast with various jeans or shorts, and that can help in layering. Pick the styles you like, from crew neck to Henley to  scoop neck to v-neck, and use them for fillers when aforementioned tees just don’t fit the bill. My pick: Topman’s v neck plain tees in red and black.

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh

Naturally, you don’t need to have one or more of each style, but make sure your shopping fits into one of these expansive categories.

Happy shopping, guys!

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