Mood-Swinging Colors at New York Fashion Week

After wondering if grey and silver are the new successors of the ethereal black, it’s time to step into my realm of comfort – a vivacious color palette. For colors are more in line with my hues of decision making and life choices. And not surprisingly a good foreshadower of mood swings.

nyfw @sssourabhnyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

Taking cue from the opulent shades of grey was a splash of color on the same runway, by respective former designers retaining their technique driven sensibilities.

nyfw @sssourabh

Priya Saluja’s opening act started with a lush coral (bordering on my favorite red) ankle length chiffon gown, embellished front and back with Northern Indian Punjabi bead work and sequins. A bit déjà vu but nonetheless refreshing when paired with chandelier earrings.

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

The more literal take on a contemporary Indian lehnga was rather jarring in its color combination, but decked with fine details. A royal purple and golden tank looked like it was padded with material so sturdy it looked solid, but form fitting nonetheless. It was paired with a shiny, dare-I-say-plasticy, sheer lilac lehnga woven together with North Indian gold motifs, alongside a pink and orange dupatta (that I think would make a perfect scarf to complement a formerly showcased black attire). A little overkill, but definitely jaw dropping and show stopping.

nyfw @sssourabh IMG_9811-001 nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

The same fabric for the tissue flared skirt worked splendidly on an ankle length gown though, where the crushed gold worked well with the sheer off white.

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

The trend of plain flares in silk or georgette continued with a peach ensemble that was elegant cocktail up front, and embroidered finery on the back, reminding me of the game of show and tell witnessed at Dubai Fashion. Equally fun was the impressively designed take on formal beach attire: a thicker thread black net cover up on a trending emerald green fitted mini dress. A fun peekaboo indeed.

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

Sushma Patel’s ethereal collection also inched marginally away from the shades of grey, by introducing a blend of gold and silver fabrics and synchronized embellishments. The short fitted dresses spelled instant party, and were the icing on the cake, flirtatiously curving around the models’ bodices. While a gold wraparound style dress was encrusted with heavy duty dark jewels in an asymmetric pattern and luscious gold shoes, my favorite was a plain gold backless palette with sheer black accents and black pumps.

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

The showstopper was dressed in a Middle Eastern bride format, with a hue of grey that was a glamorous mix of edgy concrete, cloudy sky blue and country pigeon grey. Rose and velvet black motifs snaked around the bodice in vine format, giving way to a tissue and chiffon flare that swept the ground beneath the model’s grace. A veil with a country hooped edge added the right quotient of enigma and grace, making this a dramatic, elegant and striking piece.

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabh

Feeling visually soaked by inspiration, my front row self and I were thrilled to walk backstage and attend the after party for a delightful series of conversations with designers, models, and with access to the crystal ball of trend watching.

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