Men of Fashion: Trends in Transit at the Tents of NYFW

I have been told many times that we are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Something that has proven itself since childhood.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh

In the final segment of fashion gaping at New York Fashion Week comes the much touted, highly anticipated, and most curious of all trends – menswear. For unlike fashion in groups where one can blend in with the neighbors, women’s fashion that is a staple covered by fashionistas worldwide, accessory fashion that has a world of its own, and the many runway trends from contemporary womenswear to daylight menswear, the street style men’s fashion etches is own niche. For the dapper man who strides the streets, and in this case to a show, is no longer a rarity, but is nonetheless a visual mirage of sorts.

These were some of the menswear trends I observed lurking in the air, with, as I’ve said before, an aroma that is born to seduce.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh

As seen on lookbook and its consequential tee legacy, yours truly sported a favorite pair of bright blue tartan pants with the trending stud-ly obsession. The sparkling sunlight called for bright, vivid sparkle, and I adorned myself in an armor of studs that embellished my pectorals, along with a hoodie from glitzy Paris with enough of an evil skull on a broad back to merge fashion week with Halloween, and all the doses of glamor in between.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

One of the biggest trends I saw was pink… not that pink has ever been a non-manly color in the past decade, but the sheer overwhelm of baby pink tees, either with casual blue jeans or with a jersey grey blazer, was more than coincidental. Ditto for a man in shocking pink pants, pink skulls on a black waistcoat and matching hot pink sunnies.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

Black on black embellished shirts were next, both trending in terms of color and craftmanship. One man sported black jewels in a kitsch but alluring symmetrical pattern around his chest. Yours truly stayed true to lookbook in a pair of nerd sunglasses made of black buttons on a black shirt. Notwithstanding the leopard belt and polka socks for a flash of glitz amidst solids.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

Speaking of leopard print, it wasn’t just on my belt but on a muscle fit teal sweater too. The cooled down leopard olive tones matched the olive blazer of his partner, while the bloody redness of his murse matched my skinny jeans. The embellishment trend continued with a tan leather jacket atop a rustic tee with bits of embroidered textures.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

Blazers were right on trend, partially owing to fall and earlier adored runway shows, but also to the essence of manhood that resonated from guys in consequently broadening shoulders and fitted silhouettes. My favorites were an oversized blazer with vintage gold buttons and chains with a classy pair of shades and an Elvis puff (catch my mimicry on it here), and the classic blazer with a pocket square, a plaid shirt and cropped jeans, all on a rather lengthy gentleman.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

The white blazer was less inventive, or rather starchy looking but nonetheless fitting with the sunlight. Ditto for the indigo blazer paired with men’s harem pants and chunky jewelry that I had loved so much on men earlier.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

Full on suits were not far behind, even noticed on runway, with the classics being the most dapper: royal blue with a white vee neck in skinny fit, and a staple navy with a white shirt sans tie. The epitome of masculinity.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

The more inventive suit was the lighter blue, tablecloth plaid with elbow patches and a tie to match, which was quite West Hollywood sans the weaponry of deceit! The violet on violet on violet with a violet hat took things to an even earlier decade, and while eye catching, felt like it belonged in the era of black and white. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing jolt of vintage style.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

And finally we had the boys who simply wore it casual, and almost always in black or dark colors. A bouncer in a Mohawk was with these adorable puppies, watching over them in bulging biceps and minimal bling, while another slender youth sported a sleeveless black tee and let his pink martini glass and golden necklace do the talking.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

Full sleeved tees made their men a bit more fitting for the occasion: leopard print shoulder accents on a selfie addict, and an ombre loose fit tee in greys and browns and olives on a more rushed man.

menswear nyfw @sssourabh menswear nyfw @sssourabh

And so culminates the fashion gaping of fashion week this year. Just like last year, I found it more calming to be a paparazzi hawk and inhale the variety of forms of self-expression.

I’ve heard that if you repeat things more than twice, they become a habit.

I have one, and I hope you enjoy it.

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