En Vogue: The Shape Shifting Sand Edition

The more sand has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. For sand is more than a terrain, but a metaphor for time. Following the treacherous rocky footsteps of a glamorous yet adventurous hike up The Wave in Utah, the next inspiration for Gastronomypix and I was laced in shape shifting hues of a desert.
vogue @sssourabh
The new inspiration came in the form of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Pink, a debatable color for men and women alike, and we found ourselves in a desert comprised solely of this warm, toasty and inviting hue. Dressed in adventure seeking clothing, our mission was to capture the essence of the sand meets sky phenomenon.

vogue @sssourabhvogue @sssourabhvogue @sssourabhvogue @sssourabhKicking the sands, leaving footprints, leaving objects behind to personify death, evoking emotions of help and glee, diving headfirst into the sand, bathing faces in it,  or reaching out to the angels of blue … we employed every strategy to deviate the attention from my lifeguard tank and bright red shorts, or her yellow Armstrong tank and petite hotpants. Which eventually began to blend well into the rustic desert ambiance of a lazy day.

vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabhSo, adventure seekers, never underestimate the power of sands. Constantly reshaping themselves, they can be a destiny for some, a trap for others, but an opportunity for everyone.

vogue @sssourabh vogue @sssourabhvogue @sssourabhAlways salvage a moment.
Evoke the vogue from any destination.
Make it everlasting, enchanting, and eternal.

vogue @sssourabh

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