Red Alert: The Gifting Strategy

Procrastination is the plague of the i-era.

We are all very last minute about some things in life.

And Christmas and holiday shopping probably tops the list for things that we always run out of time for. No matter how early you start (Black Friday for me!), the list of people who merit a gift always seems to grow like roots of a tree that cracks the walls of a house.

Even holiday shopping isn’t pardoned by the plague of procrastination.

 Yet, recall that a gift is a mirror of one’s personality.

And those who love you remember you mainly because of your virtues, but perhaps even partially because of your gifts.

red alert xmas @sssourabh

Which is why, if you are the types to pinch on splinters of time to collect the last few presents for lovers and haters, turning into the Grinch who got annoyed with holiday rituals, do this: have a drink or a piece of chocolate, and think calmly.

What are the two traits a gift must embody? Bearing in mind that price is entirely dependent on your love for the receiver, and you have the sensibility to distinguish paper and plastic forms of payment for copious bills to arrive, there are two perceived elements that constitute the way a gift will make its recipient feel:

1)      Will the person like them?

2)      Will the person use them?

 These dimensions give rise to a favorite two by two framework, one which is christened Red Alert: The Gifting Strategy.

It now becomes quite intuitive to strategically deduce your shopping plan. Recall that not everybody requires a perfect gift. Some utilitarians prefer functional gifts since it keeps their operative minds and meticulous processes going. These are kitchen tools, electronics or accessories, and the likes. Others prefer flashy adornments or classic crystalware, which they can happily regift as a charming present to someone else, or sometimes just drape around the china or wall as eye candy. This is a collectable gift, one that ends up never really being used, but is high on the happy quotient. Reserve fillers for those we dislike but have to give something to, or avoid them altogether – for we ourselves would hate to receive fillers. Recall the random picture frame, the salt and pepper set, the holy printed paraphernalia, and such. And naturally, the antithesis of all this is a blend of both a recipient’s interests and needs, which enables them to receive the perfect gift, one that is valuable in all respects. Both useful and liked, this highly depends on your knowledge of the person, or at least their age-group preferences. Sometimes, guesstimation helps too: a young adult may like an iPod or upbeat gadget, while mom can find solace in useful home upgrades, etcetera.

red style @sssourabh

The key to note is that what’s practical for some may be a filler for others. So, know your people, as best as you can.

While knowing a person is key to improving the usability of a gift, it is seeking out something pretty, somewhat trendy, or upgraded that boosts the  probability that someone will actually like it. On that note, anything red seems to be piping hot this winter. Check out the plethora of RED that has been seen in every avenue of shopping this season, and come explore more with your eyes, or on tumblr! From food to fashion, encompassing kitchenware and coats to desserts and beverages, its time to paint the town red.

Photo Courtesy: Various bloggers via my tumblr page (



Or did something just click?

Enjoy shopping, strategically.

Happy holidays!

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