Reds from Russia as Inspiration for Taoray Wang at NYFW

A thundering sashay of red, my favorite color, renders it as the hottest power color of the era. 

Taoray Wang is known for designing clothes for C-suite style professional women, who pride themselves in wearing immaculate, sharp and attractive outfits that polished, functional, feminine, but firm with the respective corporate audience. With this in mind, she delivered a tailored collection at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), dipped in my favorite red.

taoraywang taoray wang designer womenswear nyfw newyork runway @sssourabh

This season, she drew inspiration from Russia’s longest-ruling female leader, Catherine the Great, once again summoning to history for her collection. While many suits, jackets and dresses were pinstriped in hues of black, gray and charcoal, there were hints of red to instill a strong sense of feminism and power in the outfits. These came in the forms of red lining, red collars, leather red belts and red cuffs, all of which were in terrific contrast to the darker hues, yet subtle enough to be lapped up by businesswomen worldwide. Like last season, a few white dresses with exaggerated necklines and frays and tassels on the shoulder added to the elegance element. Lace was caught peeping out from skirt-suits and beneath well tailored and haute pinstripe blazers, akin to her former collections, adding a dose of classic feminism to the otherwise corporate attire. With a brief interlude of navy trimmings and military green coats with feathered sleeves and oversized lapel jackets and suits, the rest of the collection focused on red, much to my salivating pleasure. A Russian style dense buttoned coat with a skirt, an asymmetric red dress, red skirt suits (one with an asymmetric bow at the waist) and outerwear were my favorites due to their sheer boldness and vibrancy in a world saturated with dark sky colors for business wear. The color combinations were also interesting, pairing red with checkerboard gray, or bold black and white pinstripe with chiffon red cuffs and inner wear.

The combinations were unlimited, contrasting feminine styles with stripes, lace, flowing fits and dipping the entire collection in elements of powerful red. With a recurrent love for contrasts, I was thrilled that juxtaposition continued to be such a solid, powerful fashion trend.

fifty shades redder, any day #allme @taoraywang #NYFW

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taoraywang taoray wang designer womenswear nyfw newyork runway @sssourabh

Supplementary images by WWD.

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