Meet the Women outside the Tents at NYFW

Ah fashion week. A bi-annual source of existence for a growing herd of fashionists thriving and multiplying in metropolitans worldwide.

When you think about why fashion week happens, you fall into an abyss of plausible reasons. To showcase tomorrows trending fabrics and hues, to craft or refine a niche, to lure buyers and fans, or to outdo a rival.

However, what I always find charming, year upon year, are the impeccably, alarmingly and flavor-fully dressed folks who are invited to attend these shows. Celebrities or not, and particularly non celebrities, I have often found my camera hallucinating for hours after virally clicking away at deliciously dressed people. These alone make it worth to head to fashion week, season after season.

Here are my women’s favorites from NYFW Spring 2013 – mostly out of creative and mordant wit. Obviously I wasn’t the only one playing spy with my SLR.

In terms of trends, hats seemed to spark everyone’s fancy, for I saw a plethora of veils, florals, feathers, straw hats, bandannas, and headscarves in popping colors and textures.

Black continued its legacy of remaining a prominent color for overalls, mainly dresses, sheer or net; but I was thrilled to see women breaking the spell with a dash of pink heels, a spark of leopard print, a mustard jacket, a jade necklace, electric blue lips, or anything that drew attention away from the magnificently slimming but mildly overdone hue.

Many women seemed to bid adieu to form fitting breathing challengers by wearing lose fitting, flowing clothing. Be it a purple plaid shirt-dress, pantaloons and parallel pants, long fabrics in wraparound styles or simply abstract shards put together into a trending piece, a lot of what I saw demanded the air and wind playing a crucial role in dramatization.

Being a guy, I’m not sure if skirts ever made an exit. But the variety in skirts that I saw made it seem that these are back with a creative twist. Feathered or ruffled up in colors that clashed playfully with the entire outfit, lacily draped together to reveal more and cover up less, or simply married to the rest of the attire for a gown like appearance, each outfit was eye candy at its best.

The last common theme I saw was what I would call structured clothing. Examples included one piece overalls, masculine inspired tie and chinos merrily feminized with necklaces, a play on men’s gym clothing by bringing back the calf-socks-on-closed-toe-shoes trend with a dress, or the alarming variety in wooden and fish-net heels. Structure fitted aptly for such pieces, as they relayed a sense of collectiveness and sturdiness, in contrast to the flowiness of aforementioned looks.

While I will later talk runway pieces and shows and the chaotic fashion’s night out, so effectively powered by social media, I have most certainly found it more gratifying to peek into the crowd like a paparazzi minded eagle, eying creativity unleashed at an epitomizing pinnacle. Up next are the dapper men outside the runway, in all their structured and glorified style.

 This brings to mind is the thought that the world feeds your eyes. Daily.

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