Meet the Men outside the Tents at NYFW

I have often found that when us men take fashion onto ourselves, we dissect it with an impeccable and unmatched ability, almost giving structure to something that is so overtly fluid. Welcome to the male fashion blogverse.

This makes it all the more thrilling to gape at men at fashion week, particularly in the mecca of fashion, New York. 

And thus, taking cue from observing delectable women outside the tents, it was time to prey on the competition – guys. Dapper dudes everywhere, I had to admit, and at times even I felt astonishingly underdressed, which seldom happens in the daily mundane. Overwhelmed and clicking infectiously, I got just a fraction of the attitude that was trickling like a waterfall from well-dressed males.

A guy is most dashing when he sports a suit. Dressed in sharp suits, sometimes paired with a classy Ray Ban accessory, sometimes made alluring with shorts, or made punchy with bold colors, the evergreen suit definitely scored top honors for coy menswear observations outside the tents. Of the best of guys, one I recognized as a former model, another as a fellow lookbook enthusiast and blogger, and the third just a coffee sipper.

Closely following the suit trend was that of blazers and vests. An easy fix to dress up or down, the variety ranged from classic and sexy, to flamboyant and dressy. Either way, it strengthened the placement of blazers and vests in a man’s wardrobe as a way to add a ‘dapper’ prefix to style.

Bling for boys was definitely back, documented as a trend of 2012, and explicitly relayed in the form of studded jackets, shoes, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, belts, shiny fitted pants, and so much more. I beamed – literally – in awe of the open embracement of bling.

The next commonly observed theme was that of possessing a streak of bold color (if not being entirely soaked in it). Be it a bag, a scarf, eyewear, a headpiece, or shoes – this fashion week called for men who stepped out of their monotone hues and into a plethora of color.

Blame it on summer or on a new fad, but shorts were definitely a staple for many, many guys. As were unlikely or quirky accessories and fabrics to match the shorts. On the plausible end, shorts were paired with vests, deep vee tees, or blazers, while on the other we had eye popping quirks.

Ending with myself, the two outfits that I was most proud of most definitely mandated sunglasses. Both looks can be caught on lookbook, here and here, so feel free to hype away! Starting with my Narcissus sequin sprinkled shirt which glittered on gym toned shoulders (as  I was told), paired with a turquoise green pair of Topman skinnies and an openly worn River Island silver polka sea green snood, this was a winner for its soothing eye appeal. The second was a more love-it-hate-it-but-you-cannot-ignore it type of punchy cocktail that hit your eyes and shot your reaction right out. Purple Topman skinnies were paired with Middle Eastern turquoise suede shoes which had only my Vegas studded jade belt to play eye tag with. Topping this was my silver pinstripe and peekaboo purple check shirt by Sergio Verri, making me akin to a tin woodman in the sparkling sunlight, but a party wolf in the night light. Thankfully it was cloudy most of the day.

And why miss out on the cute dogs of fashion week that attracted equivalent shutterbug attention? Behold, the hunk and his fan.

The succulent coverage of both men’s and women’s fashion outside the tents this season verified that creativity is not limited to the runway. Designers, bloggers and fashionists alike can find inspiration from the real world by simply observing what lies around them.

The world feeds your eyes. Daily.
Gobble up!

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