Cravings 2012: The Fashion Horoscope

To a certain degree, we all love predicting the future. Astrology has always been the enigmatically veiled business that draws, attracts, and often flourishes for those bestowed with a penchant for it. Or simply for those with a knack for clever marketing.

When it comes to fashion, New York fashion week annually kicks off a trend cycle. While I have forecasted for 2011, the accuracies of which are in the eyes of beholders, and have often claimed that seasoned fashion week attendees may actually get bored, it is still an indulgent and fulfilling task to spin a web of futuristic thoughts in a door made of looking-glass. Indulgent indeed, which is precisely why I describe it as a craving.

 So behold your shopping list for 2012. (Or fashion horoscope, as some may love to call it) (Minus the app-savvy social part!)

All White

Angelic as it may seem, fluttering and sometimes frumpy, and so inevitably prone to dirt, white is in. Mendel and Philip Lim both dressed their catwalks in white suits. White sweaters, skirts, dresses, both for guys and ladies, all splashed brightly to ensure that there will be snow this winter. And we will be dressed in it. Will the little black dress now be rechristened to the little white dress (LWD)? Either way, just stay away from the red wine.

Red Leather

Speaking of red, one of my favorites, who can stay away from red leather? With a personal fetish for a mischievous tee and a newfound leather jacket soaked in the hue, I was over the moon on finding this to be trending this year. Though I feel the “all leather” dresses are rather unwearable, accessories and jackets and belts in red leather are a fiery welcome to the mundane browns and blacks that stack into the shelves of leather lovers. Quite a contrast to last years yuppy fluorescent colors, this undertone of sherbet drives ecstasy and urgency. Heat it up!

Black is Back

Is black ever NOT a trend? The media seems to adore gaping at every man in a black tux and adorn every women in a mandatory black dress, so what makes it so special this year? Nothing really, except an acceptance to having it as the centerpiece of many otherwise peacocked outfits (no pun intended really, but Falguni and Shane Peacock’s virtually all black line was spellbinding!). Jill Sander, D Squared, and so many more will proclaim that black is back; wear it!

Officially Orange

Officially called the color of the year, the clementine and pumpkin fleshed color is not naturally complimentary to many skin tones. Or so I thought, though I definitely do not mind some of what is being conjured on the runway and trend magazines. So much so that it prompted even me to buy an orange shirt, with matching orange socks!

Crawling with Fur

While reserved simply for winter months, the fur fetish has been prevalent for a few years and shows no signs of languishing. And now, it forays into the family of accessories with clutches, boots, belts and gloves alike. Retail outlets come to mind, as does Bibu Mohapatra’s rendition on a fun and frolicking trend. I love its functionality, especially for cold winters, when my faux hat and faux trimmed jackets serve multiple purposes – fashion, fun, heat, attraction, and lookbooking! Feeling predatory, anyone?

Oh my Gold!

Gold (and to a certain degree, silver) battles it out as gleam of the year. While gold leather, gold sequins and gold foil prints rock over tees, dresses, accessories and the likes, sequinned prints are laced all over longer fabrics and shoes alike (cheers to Betsey Johnson’s fantastic boots!). If bling is your thing, you will be sold on the gold.

 The Eastern Influence

Asia is not just booming financially and for investment bankers, who are packing up their bags in the west and flying eastwards to mint the gold. Even fashion is seeking direct inspiration with dragon prints and reptilian glimmer, flowing cuts and sashaying fabrics, kimono belts and Indian jewelry, merging it seamlessly with western fashion but leaving enough hints to foresee a future that blends both sides of the world effortlessly. Take a plunge into a finally globalizing world.

Peekaboo Mesh

While lace rocked it up last year, its cousin mesh is creating waves this time around. Larger in symmetrical intertwining, yet translucent likes its yesteryear’s counterpart, as Marchesha aptly proves with her dress that spills with royalty. Mesh also acts as a fun extension in both summery flirty outfits alongside winter sweaters to all things that deserve an extra peekaboo.

Bigger bags, and for Boys too

Ginormous satchels and bulky bags have been a big thing, and will continue to be (furry ones in particular this year). Yet, these are no longer strictly for women. Boys need bags too. Ipads are not meant for wallets, and whats better than stuffing the laptop and gym gear, alongside sneakers, all in one? Structured men’s bags are a happening trend, competing shoulder to shoulder with the evergreen women’s satchel. From Simon Spurr to Vivienne Tam to DKNY, the designers will mandate that everybody sports a sizable arm candy.

Summery Aqua

Technically blue not aqua, but we can assume some transformation over the sunny months! For during the summer, rejoice with the sound of the sea and the glitterati of seashells on a sandy beach. Transition into vacation mode with sea blue hues and seashell inspired jewelry and accessories, perfect to dream of a life out of the everyday. Calvin Klein has been a fan of blue this season, especially on guys, but others including Anna Sui and Rag and Bone are not far behind with a bolder-than-sea-and-sky blue hue rocking the runway, and predicting much more to come in the retail segment.

Sportswear for Unsporty Events

With Adidas launching clothing that does not quite look like it belongs on the court under the SLVR label, it is no surprise that performance oriented tighter clothing is in vogue for non-sporty events too. Slim shorts, tighter jackets, lycra and the likes will peel away from their sporty ancestors and fall into the likes of everyday casual or party-savvy clothing. Simon Spurrs line is breathless in this respect. Sleek, stylish activewear, as they call it. After all, the fitness fetish has caught on like a plague, and thank goodness for pop culture for bringing fit back in vogue.

The list is exhaustive, but the year will unleash a plethora of fabrics, textures, and certain colors that will surely make it memorable. Have a fun shopping trip, and a fashion-istic year ahead!

Image courtesies:, Forbes, ABS CBN News, PennLive.comKansascity, Adidas, #NYFW Tumblr, Sssourabh Tumblr, Live Runway.

And finally, which trend are you most looking forward to this year?

16 responses to “Cravings 2012: The Fashion Horoscope

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  2. Hi Sssourabh,

    I have to say: I haven’t seen such a good overview anywhere else.
    And: I like how you always manage to “smuggel” yourself right in the middle of things. 😉


    • Thanks so much Stefanie! And yup (::insert chuckle::) I figure I’ll take any opportunity for a fitting insertion 😉 Thanks though, there are so many fashion forecasts out there and I’m glad you liked mine! Did you vote? I’m looking forward to merely half the things this year…

      • Your insertion definitively are fitting, Sssourabh! 🙂 I did vote – for the peekaboo mesh. I love the idea of showing little bits, but not everything. 🙂

        I am always curious how this “coture” translates into “mainstream” fashion…

        • Haha, thats true! Did you like lace from last year? I don’t know which I prefer. None on guys, for sure.

          They’re always more mellow in mainstream. The lace won’t be the entire thing, but a border, for instance. The colors are easy to interpret. You’ll see a plethora of clothing racks filled with the right colors of the season. 🙂

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