The Fortune of Fashion in 2013

Some call it astrology.
Some call it diva-magic.
Others just pretend to ignore it.
While others craft the clever marketing.

Fashion trends are not folklore or make-believe, but living and breathing fragments of our wardrobes, our personalities, our feelings, our reflections, our mirrors, and simply of every step of our lives. For, how often do we wander unclothed? Think about it.

fashion fortune @sssourabh

There is just so much trending in the name of fashion, that while so much is in, it’s almost like nothing goes out. We have already covered many of the fashion accessory trends in a post aptly titled What to wear with what you are wearing!

fashion fortune @sssourabh

Coming to fashion basics, I have seen the skinny jeans adjacent to flares; I have seen polka dots alongside animal print; or lace against metal. While making it challenging, it also makes fashion a true medium of expression. While the red leathers and all whites and all blacks and Eastern inspirations are all trends that stride valiantly into the year with the ambiguous 13 suffix, there are many new trends that jam into the visual space of trending fashion.

Officially Emerald Green

Bringing memories from the dubious Wizard of Oz is this year’s official love-it-hate-it-can’t-ignore-it color: emerald green. From jeans to ties to dresses to sunglasses to blazers to belts to bags, it’s all going green to symbolize lushness, radiance, renewal and rejuvenation. Did I hear that it stands for recycling too? Celebrities and runways have been vegetating on this trend for the last season. While I think women can pull it off with panache, either through ethereal outfits or immaculate accessories, with guys I would almost rather introduce it via accessories only: hats, ties, maybe jackets, and definitely socks. Personally, I’ll express the color via real emerald jewelry. fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh

A Sprinkle of Yellow

Perhaps because yellow is a diluted green, it passes the clutches of trend police. Yellow is definitely the white for the year, unisexual enough and kid-friendly too! From dresses to shirts, or as supplementary pops of color for daywear via shoelaces or belts, or deepened for the night with blazers and and shoes, it’s all about a bit of sunshine in today’s estranged times.

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhftrend21 @sssourabhIMG_3570 1nyfw @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhnyfw @sssourabh

Bold Jail Stripes

Say yes to stripes! Jail stripes in particular evoke the wide, solid stripes that make a punchy comeback from the 60s and 70s. The larger the spacing between the stripes, the better. The graphical structure elongates all silhouettes, and even makes them slimming. Trousers, jackets, scarves, shirts, the combinations are endless. Bring them in, just like Marc Jacobs, Gaultier and DSquared have … one at a time, paired with solids, or simply altogether!

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhftrend16 @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh

Studs, Spikes and Heavy Metal

The intrusion of rock solid metal began with a whisper and is now a roar. With enough armor and weaponry like studs and spikes poking off of jackets, shoes, belts, bras and iPad cases, there has been an upsurge in having even more metal on the flesh – be it via chunky neckwear, headpieces, sunglasses, and just so much more that pushes it over the edge of edgy. All the way from DSquared to Valentino to Armani, to our favorite retailers like Topman, Topshop and Zara, you cannot but help putting on sunglasses and holding an invisible shield when shopping for this addictive attack.

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh

fashion @sssourabhlookbook legacy 3 @sssourabh

fashion fortune @sssourabh

Animal Print Plus

The animal print trend has been going strong, showing no signs of languishing as the retailers are doubling up on everything from accessories to underwear. And not just retailers, the likes of Burberry Prorsum have saucy menswear coats in wild and vivacious prints, and the ethereal flowing designs of Zuhair Murad tie the trend seamlessly with Eastern inspirations. And now, it’s going overboard by adulterously pairing up with other trends: bling, or sequined, or spiked, or two toned, sashaying down flawlessly down runways, the office environment, red carpets or lazy beds. Welcome to your own zoo.

 fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhlookbook8 @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhsls @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabh

Floral Fury

Girls rejoice. 60s babies, squeal. Accessorize with hair dos, jewelry, scarves, or pull out those summery dresses and tops. And take inspiration to make the hair a puff akin to a bouquet. Dolce & Gabbana, Marie Claire and Zuhair Murad have dressed their damsels in enough poppies and sunflowers and daisies, while Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Ana Locking have ensured that their male models look dapper and masculine in punchy florals too. So, guys can rejoice too, for it takes a real man to pull off floral, and it looks delicious against a chiseled body and stubble. Oh and for the record, Hawaiian prints are making a non-cringe-worthy comeback.

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabh


Bouncy and flirty, ruffles have a sense of beauty and nostalgia associated with the Renaissance era, and come in from Eastern inspirations along the likes of Shantanu and Nikhil. Wedding inspirations are a natural sponge for this luscious trend, as evident from Oscar de la Renta or Jenny Lee. Expect to see layers of fabric on sleeves and hips which add to the mischief factor.

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh

Peekaboo Sheer

Transparent and translucent fabrics have been trending for years, going from lace to mesh, which are still in the reckoning. The crepe fabric is beautiful, and there it’s a designer’s dream to work with chiffon, georgette, lace, net for everything from dresses, skirts, accessories, and everything in between. Dresses in particular are likely to have a belted center as a fashion requirement, or be indirectly backless or legless, with chances to exhibit perfect tonality. Eastern inspirations take on the grace of sheer saris, and drape bountiful shards of fabric for a Bohemian meets cocktail-party look. And men too, can layer sheer sweaters with pops of color with punchy shirts, or simply flaunt chiseled pectorals with comforting ease. Nothing like a sexy game of voyeuristic peekaboo with salivating passersby.

fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh fashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabhfashion fortune @sssourabh

The list is non-exhaustive, for observationally there are so many trends that coexist. From marrying textures and eras and styles, to combining high end with street style, its truly a confetti of trends that is gracing the eyes. For now, what you can do is check your wardrobe for what you may have buried from yesteryears, and indulge in a passionate game of mix and match.  And eventually, go shopping.

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