What to wear with what you are wearing

accessory fortune @sssourabh“How did it get late so soon?
Its night before its afternoon.
December is here before June.
My goodness, how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?”

Oh the lessons we learn from Dr. Seuss. I’m definitively always running late, even though my watch is permanently fixated on 15 minutes earlier than usual. And I blame it on one thing (more than other things).

Notice how getting ready doesn’t end with just putting your clothes on?
There’s the belt, the sunglasses, the socks, the watch, the footwear, the scarf, the jacket, the gloves, and let’s not even get started on the moisturizer or hair gel regimen, and lets totally avoid the makeup abyss for women.

It’s because in the modern world, we are inundated with the fad of accessories. It’s the dilemma of what to wear with what you are already wearing, because without accessories, you are as good as naked. And thus, this facet of fashion deserves its very own fortune forecast in my series of trends for the year.

Accessorize with Studs, Spikes and Heavy Metal

The intrusion of rock solid metal began with a whisper and is now a roar. With enough armor and weaponry like studs and spikes poking off of jackets, shoes, belts, bras and iPad cases, there has been an upsurge in having even more metal on the flesh – be it via chunky neckwear, headpieces, sunglasses, gloves, bags, and just so much more that pushes it over the edge of edgy.

accessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabh

Structured, Document Clutches and Bags

Perhaps for once the women’s fashion lineup is inspired by their male counterparts. For years men have sported briefcases, now replaced by iPad cases and rather slim, choppy and effective bags to hold nothing but a powerful document or a razor thin laptop. Now, women can enjoy document bags as a staple accessory, which works for the daytime and hasty mundane or the nighttime of elegant glamor. And of course, men follow along.

accessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabh

A Luxe Cuff

These are solid bracelets, if you like. Varying from solid metal to more structured elements, the new arm candy can also come studded, bejeweled or infused with functional clocks or solid perfumes!

accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhoutofhand3 3 @sssourabh

The Glove Effect

After the wrist infatuation, how can fingers stay far behind? Gloves are no longer only functional, but have become a wardrobe staple that draws immediate attention. Combine gloves with the ever popular stud factor for an unforgettable grip to a stranger, or match them to your clutch, or introduce a pop of color, and you have a layered fashion effect that is oh so trendy.

accessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabh accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabh

Collarless – for Collarbones and Necklaces

The neck has long been an object of infatuation, so kissable, bitable, and toe-curling courtesy of Twilight and True Blood. So, fashion has taken its cue and decided to have both menswear and womenswear go collarless, especially for those chunky winter coats. Not only does this accentuate collar bones and give an impression of a high headed, confident personality, it also looks undeniably sexy to lose a few buttons in the process (blazers without shirts, anyone?). The trend has given way to prominent neck accessories or jewelry. While guys sculpt those pectorals to reveal the right sights, the ladies have gotten sexier and converted collars into jewelry, and sport the jeweled, detached looking sense of mischief around their voicebox.

accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabh

The Snug and Sexy Snood

No it’s not a thneed from Lorax, or a type of doused inhaler. A snood is in fact a circular scarf that is akin to a classic scarf attached at the free flying tendrils. Usually wrapped around the neck twice, it can also hang freely off the apparently collarless neck. While it has been popular for about a year, its mainstream appeal is catching up furiously now. From luxurious sparkling ones to snug and rolled up winter ones, from longer sashaying ones to neck-brace warmifying ones, the possibilities of size, pattern and print are endless. And look so effortlessly cool.

IMG_1443-003 accessory fortune @sssourabh0907457d4b0c53c6c2122f64a9a0db8a 8e406a3dc447eebbe8994d30219e08f0 accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabh

The Bomber or The Biker?

Nothing is sexier in winter than a chunky, bubbly, physique-flattering bomber jacket. Worn by guys and girls with slim jeans and smolder, this is a sure swagger which leaves gapers salivating. And where there are bombers, there are bikers. The classic biker jacket is back, with a plethora of zippers and cuts and slits and studs. If you are out of breath just thinking about these, remember that these are winter saviors to

accessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhaccessory fortune @sssourabhlookbook legacy 3 @sssourabh

From the looks of it, things are going solid – literally.
Eye catching? Absolutely.
A hassle for frequent travelers at security? Unfortunately.
Are we still going to embrace these trends? Obviously.

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