Coca Cola and a Sunny Yellow Season by Carlos Campos at NYFWM

Signage plays an important part in connectivity and intuition. Which is why when I spotted peculiarly font-ed typography on the runway, I was elated with familiarity.

Carlos Campos has been a mainstay in my New York Fashion Week Mens (NYFWM) endeavors, owing to a foodie connection amongst others. Which is why I can resonate with his style and sensibility. Like previous collections, he focused on his Latin heritage with clean, architectural silhouettes and well tailored pieces. Each season, the tailoring remains well cut, while the colors reflect the season’s favorites. This season was dominated by nudes, tans and yellows, owing to the spring/summer vibe. My favorite piece was the Coca-Cola logo on shirts, relaying the global popularity of this beverage, as well as a twist to the sporty athleisure styles. Color blocks and patchwork tonal contrasts continued to dominate his collection, with the pop of rose or yellow adding to the summery sense. Stripes, having exploded for the last few seasons, continued to make their impression in think vertical jail-stripe fashion. Contoured contrasting piped blazers and boxy shirts continued to showcase that skinny was slowly but surely exiting the runway. Overall, it was an inspiration to see a clean silhouette and a harmonious color palette to kick off fashion week.

Images courtesy Carlos Campos’ PR team.

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