Oscillating Between Nightlife, Art and Style at the NYX Milano

Without art, the earth would be ‘eh’. Wouldn’t it?

Milan is by far one of my favorite undiscovered gems of the continent – what with its fashionable gentry, scintillating underground scene, gothic architecture, sexy suburbs and delectable fashion all year round. Which is why, for Milan Fashion Week this season, I opted for the new, art based hotel: NYX Hotel is a new concept hotel by the Leonardo Hotels group. Located close to the Milano Centrale train station, it is the ideal logistical spot to avoid cobblestone city traffic, and is an easy wander to the hots spots and shopping areas. Plus, with a room facing the sunlight and architecture by day and the secretive moonlight by night, I knew I was on to a bucketful of mischief.

My main draw though was #ArtatNYX, the impressive artworks from local artists that were scattered across the lobby, within rooms, and in a very urban outdoor patio space. These converted into modern and neon fixtures as music danced through the nights and the classic apperitivo hours. I found myself glossing at the online art book – like the Adam and Eve sculpted in gold called ‘UrbanSolid’, the mural by artists from Padova, and more. The best part owing to my animal instincts was the scatter of critter and wild sculptures across the property – like a black panther in one corner, and a Swarowski lizard on one countertop. Clearly, a match for my Roberto Cavalli leopard print shirt on one occasion, and my Print All Over Me Jacket on another!

The bedrooms, with their opulent views of the city and yawning sunlit windows, were immaculate for a fashion week stay. With suggestive posters of retro and vintage stars spanked as bed backs, it made the sultry nights even more pulsating. Especially when the outside of the hotel glistened in moving neon lights.

For reasons aplenty, I love Milano. Isn’t it obvious?

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