Vertical Village Views and Tasty Neapolitan Bites: Ciao Positano

Breathing the air of new cities, forever.

Travel is synonymous with my existence, which is why when GastronomyPix offered a detour from Milan Fashion Week, I aptly agreed! While the trek to Positano was rather adventurous, the result was a lavish meal at the iconic Hotel Poseidon, a former Mediterranean villa that overlooked the vertical village stacked into the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Run by siblings Monica and Marco Aonzo, the private home was a discrete and elegant hideout in the otherwise fairly honeymoon couple cluttered town of beautiful colorful people. Perched on its rooftop patio was Il Tridente, a traditional Neapolitan cuisine haunt.

Aptly clad in all white owing to the nature of the destination, the newly minted Balmain tee with Pull & Bear distressed jeans, Dior eyewear, a custom denim jacket and Creative Recreation white hightops ensured that I was a vision in white who could not slurp any gelato!

Chef Antonio Sorrentino‘s menu reflected his upbringing from Naples and married them to the region of Campania, with naturally seasonal ingredients. What impressed me most was the selection of solimene hand-crafted ceramic plates, a local heritage, and each distinct from every other, painted by one of the artists in Vietri sul Mare. Tablescaping was truly an art, one which matched well with the sweeping views of the valley, hillside, fairy tale architecture and the lush green flocked terrace.

My meal was quite simple. I opted for a classic potato gnocchi with tomato, mozzarella and basil, and it’s fresh aromatic flavors did not disappoint. Texturally soft, with cheese so fresh it melted on touch, and ragu made with tomatoes so supple that I slurped them down while intoxicated with the views.

While more a fan of indulgent decadent desserts, I opted for the limone, also known as the lemon delight, the national dessert of Amalfi Coast. To my surprise, it was texturally complex, owing to two parts to it’s citrusy sour creamy custard and meringue-like sweeter gelato, which paired together for quite a jolt of sunshine freshness with lemon. Doubled up with our double espresso‘s inked with OK, it was a terrific way to inhale the tastes and views of the iconic coast.

Ciao, I said, and I loved it for not knowing if it was a hello or a goodbye. Perhaps I will never know.

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… come breathe the air of new places ⛰ #Positano

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