Lookbook Legacy 5: Officially Orchid, for Men

What is it about forecasting fashion trends that makes it akin to an induced epidemic? Is it the fad to stay in the works, or an infatuation of simply seeing the likes of orchid blossoming in mainstream? I’ve always wanted to explore a shopaholic’s mind … and honestly it starts with myself.

orchid menswear @sssourabh

Officially orchid is one of those trends that has been prophesized by fashionistas globally, including myself, as the color of the year. Over the months I have seen that while it fits for interior decor or womenswear, its transcendence into menswear is rather limited. I beg to distinguish myself from this thought and have chosen emerge with 5 ways to extend orchid into a man’s wardrobe, owing to my lookbook.

accessories milan fashion week mfw @sssourabh

The Tee

Taking a page from my story of 10 tees every guy should have, while solid purple is an obvious option, yours truly prefers the lavenders and orchids and eggplants combined with bling or embossments. Any purple tee can be bang on with the trend: case in point, my headphone embossed vee neck. Or, in similar thoughts, a sequin embroidered logo tee (also on trend this year).

Purple is the Color Transit
Stairs, Sequins and Secrets

lookbook orchid purple @sssourabhdiwali @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabh

The Alter Tee

An alter tee means the trending hue relegates itself to the background. For example, owing to my fascination with snake print, my favorite comes with a silver hiss, replicated with summer accessories or winter outerwear.

Snakes and Studs go Luxe
Bidding Adieu to the Glamorous Season

tee lookbook menswear @sssourabh wills india fashion week @sssourabhchristmas shopping marketing @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabh


Colored jeans may be twirling with time on a trend, but from Abercombie to Rufskin, I have seen the hues of violet as an easy way into the land of trending menswear. Spotted and sported at New York Fashion Week, this is possibly the most comfortable of all renditions.

Color Popping Fashion Week
The Quest for Wings

nyfw @sssourabh nyfw @sssourabhnyfw @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabh


A Shirt

A shirt or outerwear is a bit trickier to pull off in the hue of the season. For it depends more on the occasion, match and fit. However, inspiration from trending plaid and fashion week runways can salvage the trend.

fashion trends menswear 2014 @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabh


Its no secret that the menswear staple of scarves holds a soft spot around my neck. Touche really. So I vouch for neckwear in orchid hues. While I opt for a scarf, especially at Milan Fashion Week, a tie or bowtie are equally competent options.

To Watch and Be Watched: Milan Fashion Week

menswear milan fashion week MFW @sssourabh menswear milan fashion week MFW @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhAccessories

Bags, rucksacks, socks, blazers… the list is endless.  Having purple as an accent is as much on trend as having it as the focal point of an outfit. I have sported it as a bag, but am intrigued by entirely midnight purple suits by D&G, as well as printed purple blazers. And while technically not an accessory but an entire traditional outfit, probably the most intriguing is a Delhi Fashion Week rendition of Raghvendra Rathore’s Indian menswear in the trending tones: entirely gold and eggplant sherwanis, or violet jackets on lavender kurtas on indigo salwars. Enchanting.

Wear your Hearts on your Chest, not Sleeves

lookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabhlookbook orchid purple @sssourabh

So boys, enrobe yourselves in orchid.
For when it comes to style,
Men are at the forefront of trends, too.

Till next year, dream in purple.

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