All I Crave is Sunshine, Wine and Chocolate

Everything happens for a … riesling.
Satisfy every craving, sip by sip, bite by bite.

Sometimes we wander, and sometimes we muse, and other times we amuse. A languid, nonchalant but calm waltz through the greens and grapes of Napa Valley evoked an unmistakably serene, surreal vibe that I found hard to replicate. And soon got addicted to.

It was one of those equivalents to bar hopping in the concrete jungle, only like primitive creatures or bumblebees, darting from one floral to another. Clad in a Desigual shirt, having salivated through their color bomb shows before, gold topped Creative Recreation sneakers, and my signature Retro Super Future Sunglasses, I sipped wines from one winery to another, often losing count of the snacks in between. Not all that wander are lost, and not all that sip are tipsy.

On realizing I want to be a glutton, I figured it was time to soak in the savory sun and opt for snacks, flashing that peekaboo of #ootd.

The voyaging and momentary outfit change into a Zara Addicted tee brought us to Yontville’s Bouchon Bakery, a crowded but cutesy outpost with countryside paraphernalia all around it. On voyaging through a series of Kollar Chocolate confections, I nabbed a bag of leopard print ones, biting into my lust and discovering saccharine salted caramel. Which, however, was just what I needed after wine time.

Bouchon Bakery provided us with their signature birthday cake macaroon, yellow with confetti style decor, which tasted of vanilla and lemon. A tad late for birthmonth, but a sunny, light bite to relish the brighter moods of life. Personally, I much preferred the gigantic homemade peanut butter cup, complete with dense, thick and tasty peanut butter wrapped in melting dark chocolate. #Addicted

Truly, spontaneity often leads to the best outcomes.

6 responses to “All I Crave is Sunshine, Wine and Chocolate

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