From Gaming to Cartoons with Bobby Abley and an Alice in Wonderland Party at LFWM

The British did give birth to many a cartoon related memories of animated characters. Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and many other favorites all stemmed from this city. Which is why when the Sanderson London had a Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, complete with an afterparty decked up with Alice sugar cookies and walls masquerading as the Cheshire Cat, it was the perfect pregame to an anime themed show at London Fashion Week Mens (LFWM).

Designer Bobby Abley took cue from tech and gaming and made Pokémon the star of his show. With ponchos, backpacks, jumpsuits and more adorning motifs or imprints of a rare Mewtwo Pokémon, alongside other characters like Squirtle and Charmander, there were many nods to pop culture, the fits were usually loose fit Western style cuts, with denims aplenty, jumpsuits, jackets, frills and frays aplenty, and large motifs in warm hues to relay a cohesive theme. There were many accessories, as required by the couture of haute as well as the weather, like bandanas and scarves, which matched well with jackets and sweaters alike. One motif of dirty payed homage to the era of British pop. The favorite part was a life sized Pikachu dancing across the runway at the end of the show!

Images by WWD.

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