Excess Luggage: The Ritz and The Ned London, with 8on8 for LFW

What happens when heritage and legacy coincide?

Heritage is what we live for, legacy is what we repeatedly do. Another translatlantic trip to the roots city London for London Fashion Week (LFW) took me to experience many teatime hotspots which are eternally memorable. And prior to attending a plethora of runway shows were the galas and thirst quenching visuals of history as it caved into a contemporary living. Starting with the neon sign at the arrival station, perfectly apt despite excess luggage, a metaphor for the outfits to wear while traversing the city.

The Ned London was a favored hotspot for habitating, a wine stupor infused suite filled with expectations, reminding me of visitors who sometimes lived in the mind, and at other times, rented it. Views and more beckoned for repeat visits. Apt for a Nashville themed Jack Daniels cowboy hat and a plaid shirt, synonymous with London.

The Ritz was homespace to a gala filled with glitterati of yesteryears, where downing negronis seemed festive. I sported leopard felines by British staple Twisted Tailor and self made jewelry supported by Armani.

Pre and between shows, Fiorucci threw parties aplenty which were spent shuffling between Desigual furs and Armani bling, and where, almost as a premonition to social distancing, the models were atop playing cards in outfits to be viewed while sipping, instead of touched in the flesh. Flirtations 2.0.

Shanghai-based designer 8on8 by Li Gong, had a travel themed runway show, the only one that sprung into memory courtesy of an array of luggage designs, supported by GQ China and reminiscent of my many trips to Beijing and Shanghai. A criss cross between glam rock and sporty tailoring, the punchy floral colors and pastels were offset with tones of black, often with young models sporting masks and mustaches. Crisp suits in baby blue, white, black and gold came with exaggerated accessories. Tweed jackets gave way to a collaboration with Kappa, highlighting logo heavy sportswear in shimmering colors with tracksuits, varsity jackets and more. It was a spunky marriage of Italian legacy by Kappa, with Asian humor and vibrancy by Li Gong, making travel and globalization a mainstay in contemporary men’s fashion.

Supplemental images by WWD.

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