Rainbows and Jungles Fuel an Electric Imagination: Alice + Olivia at NYFW

It was almost like she was a nymph, a little piece of magic.

A darkly hallucinatory collection by the Queen of scenography, Stacey Bendet, her new collection of Alice + Olivia for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) staged inside a reclaimed cathedral was nothing short of an orchestrated stream of dreams of nymphs. While rather darker and sexier than previous renditions in the spring and fall, the ornateness of the fashion with beading, embroidery and a burst of rainbow colors were amplified electrically. With a set that started with magic mushrooms with a nod to Alice, a tapestry of red roses and poppies for Dorothy from Oz, a Frozen themed clandestine of damsels in ice, to a jungle with oversized butterfly wings, the scene was set to mimic a fantasy. My style was by Roberto Cavalli, a vintage hat, Alice + Olivia‘s own glasses, Armani shoes and an independent Milanese designer’s jeans.


There were florals in rainbow hues, injected with zebra print and leopard print, thereby injecting love into my entire soul, with burnout fabrics, silks and neoprenes glistening with sequins for a jungle vibe.

By contrast, statement tees with women’s empowerment thematic slogans as well as pride symbolism were paired with rainbow skirts and eveningwear for a solid appeal. A proclamation made evident with words like “Go Love Yourself” and “Strong Female Protagonist”.

A snowy set had more eveningwear with the token of outerwear for polar vortex style symbols. It consisted of a damsel stuck in a cage, with others in asymmetric ballgowns, velvet tops, feather skirts, and a host of metallic hued puffer bomber jackets

By contrast, a red rose and poppy garden made onlookers swoon with its sheer monochromatic silk and velvet gowns with sirens laced onto plush couches in blooming rouge. Truly an homage to my favorite hue.

And the last psychedelic collage of colors included a Disney style patchwork of brocade in dresses, blazers and pantalons, offset with blue leopard print and sparkling black nightlife wear. 

Wander often, wonder always was truly a statement designed for such imagination.

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