Tucked Away in Beautiful Secrecy in the Beverly Hills

Calm to a spider is chaos to a fly.

Having traversed through the luxury and the chaos of Los Angeles many times, I have become addicted to its juxtaposition in a way that it is actually alluring. As my nonchalant self, I waded through the energy and movements of swirling people, like the distant smog sailing through epic sunsets, unaware of the growing sense of love for my favorite city.

This time, the travels brought me to a modern version of old-world simplicity and stylish European glamour, Mr C Beverly Hills, a member of the elitist Cipriani family, cozily tucked into the Beverly Hills, in a solace so quaint that it was it’s own wonderland of secrecy. Each room was fitted with it’s own private balcony that overlooked the chaotic charm of the Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Many a poetic afternoon was spent dwelling here.

The testament to being a stone’s throw from Hollywood was the amount of free flowing liquor that oozed like charm from the crevices of this well stocked hotel. From a partnership with BTLSVC, premium cocktails in glass vials, to welcome bellinis, I was floored with the hospitality of the neatly dressed staff, clad in white that was in stark contrast to the rumors of the city’s dwellers. I quite liked to languish our love in classic negronis and manhattans instead. Many times, I draped myself on oversized leather and wooden couches and loveseats that contrasted the trigonometric lighting fixtures, all under the gaze of a magnificent set of mirrors.

The rooms were modernist vintage, with dashes of retro furnishings with a phone and tape recorder, black and white art splashed on pristine white walls and large beds that matched the immaculate whiteness of the scarce clouds in the blue skies. The sliding windowpane check doors ensured that the sunsets poured in for days that got lazy every so quickly. Especially with a pool in plain sight, and many attractive loungers basking the sun and peering from behind designer eyewear.

And what did I do when the pink sunsets beckoned? Dove straight into the social media friendly Carrera Cafe for a latte that epitomized my every mood in a digital world that craved for all things retro.

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