Up Above the World so High! High to Higher in Venice Beach

If you have everything under control, then you are not moving fast enough.

travel in excess, I know it, and it has cost me a few relationships, but has acquired me an insurmountable level of love. The tradeoff almost seems continuously worth it. In a geotagged world of growing dots and pins, location is clearly the pedestal of more than just real estate. Perched atop Venice Beach is the Hotel Erwin, effervescent with its remarkable structure with enough history, views that are my personal weakness, and a glittering host of lifestyle that is rather unmatched. The rooftop bar, aptly named High with a reference to both elevation and sentiment, offers panoramic views of Venice beach that stretch all the way to Malibu. Glistening in the shoreline are Santa Monica‘s illustrious pier, and in the corners one can spot the structures and homes of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

The stretches of Venice, from its canals to its ice creameries, were the perfect prelude to a night (or many sequential nights) at the nightly perch. Especially with quirky flavors of soft serve like blue cheese and olive oil from Abbot Kinney.

But the fondest of memories come from the sunsets, for there is no sunset that I never became friends with. No sunset is ever like another, and while it dips into the Pacific early in chilly winter nights, the inhalation of the vibrant Venice spirit is unmatched.

The hotel also was one of the few to partner with Skrewball Whiskey, a tasty peanut butter infused whiskey which sipped like a cordial of saccharine bliss, who’s effects we felt after.

This was followed by the likes of a classic negroni, my favorite, and coincidentally founded in Florence (not far from Venice, Italy… which was historically the inspiration for constructing Venice, Italy) – part vermouth, part campari, all gin, and strong and red like the blazing sunset.

For the vicariously hungry in us, we would often devour the homemade guacamole recipe with homemade chips, alongside a slice of heavenly vegan pizza. As the streetlights twinkled more magnanimously than the starlights, the ambiance became one we could merrily indulge in until time ended.

Pour me a sunset, kill the night, and I promise I will sip with you forever. High, to higher. 

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