Florals and Ivy in the Legendary in Beverly Hills

Your future is watching you through memories – make them legendary.

Memories and experiences aside, looking back at life and seeing it as legendary is satisfying. Perched amidst roses worthy of Alice’s Rose Garden, I celebrated my birth month at The Ivy, a hotspot pouring with papparazzi on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. While the indoors were  country cottage rooms, we  perched ourselves outside on the floral terrace, overseeing a lineup of Jaguars and Hummers.

While we were served Moet Chandon while posing for shutterbugs, I got a glass of the freshly made apple and peach sangria to match my sunset tee and Illesteva eyewear, perfect for gaping at onlookers, often lurking behind gigantic rose bushes or swinging by to flirt while picking up roses from our bubbling vase of blooms.

We kept it simple with handmade spaghetti in The Ivy pink sauce, accompanied by seasonal veggies like broccoli. While simple, the plating in classic floral china was eye candy. The pasta was fresh, and the aroma of freshly cooked tomatoes helped silence the coy chatter that surrounded us like Page 6 gossip.

The second dish was more delightful, albeit a tad comical to nibble. Fried squash blossoms with goat cheese and a side salad were squeamishly cute to look at, and piping hot with every slice exuding more steam than a romp in bed. Delightfully orange like Californian sunsets, they went down merrily with a dollop of sauce and mouthfuls of sangria.

The side of a fresh salad with a bountiful burrata roll and persimmons was a delightful finish, a juxtaposed combination of cold, salty and seawater fresh with the juicy bite of a fruit. So Cali.

The best was saved for dessert, as always, where the Old Fashion Red Velvet Cake had one couture update – it was pink! With froth pink frosting and a decadent red taste, the perfectly proportion slice matched the blush of our spirits and the hue of the blooms. Too pretty to slice, it tasted just right, a satisfying sweet dessert that was neither saccharine nor experimental, but simply legendary.

Simply legendary.

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