Stories of Suave Soirees with Tom Ford at NYFW

Feel your best and you will look your best. Tom Ford continued his ode to all things suave after animal print and underwear selections that left many at Park Avenue Armory anxiously waiting for more at the culmination of New York Fashion Week Mens (NYFWM) and the start of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), perhaps a nod to the androgynous and gender fluid nature of modern fashion.

There was a mix of men and women in glamorous suits, from red satins and fedoras to neck scarves on gold tailored mens suits. While a few pantaloons and loose fit trousers were a runway favorite slouchy silhouette, it was the sleek cut tailored jackets that caught my envy, especially in deep velvet fabrics and hues. There were colorful layers of cardigans spotted between the jackets, giving life with a jolt of purple amidst greens and tans. Things transitioned to metallic black and clear bombers and jackets, layered with faux fur accessories and shimmering in the pristine light. The abundance of black colored clothing was broken with sparkling silver accessories, a white mink coat, a glassy metallic silver blazer, and the off chance of crisp pinstripes and leather gloves for an all over suave look. The evening concluded with the modern New York rendition of gowns, so distinct from their Parisian counterparts, featuring magnanimously thick chains and fastenings, giving a futuristic and renaissance effect all at once. A perfect culmination to a suave soiree.

Additional images by WWD.

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