Glam Rock and Glitzy Foliage in a Concrete Jungle: Alice + Olivia at NYFW

In a room full of art, I’ll always stare at you.

A favorite each season, Stacey Bendet‘s travel inspired tastes and impeccable scenography is a transformative wonderland each time at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). A mix of entering an enchanted house, complete with tiled floors and steps and florals and spells, this was inspired by her redesign of a new apartment, with globetrotter inspired interiors for different spaces. 

The juxtaposition of glam rock with the jungle was the metaphor of New York life. The gardenia areas were full of rich greens, deep forest tones, foliage and the classic glam rock with black making a foray with vegan leathers and gold lettered quotes of pulsating feminism. Quite a fit for my Print All Over Me cow print, feeling quite at home in the grassy terrain.

The lounge areas had the classic black and white tiles where the outdoor veered into patio interiors and styles to match – black and gold with greens and yellows blended in for sunshine and Earth inspirations. Hot toddy drinks were served as a welcome to make it through the modernesque real estate tour. The models sashayed onto vintage curved sofas were a total mood, reminiscent of her previous scenography.

The living room areas were filled with rich tapestries and curtains in bold reds and muted pinks, with colorblocking offset with painting on print, like a Michelangelo maxi skirt and fully glittering jumpsuits in gold. Tribal inspired carpet print oversized skirts and layers were in synch with the carpeting that is critical for any winter loving homeowner.

It was evident that Bendet had put in much thought to conjure up an edgy collection to celebrate home ownership, and a life inspired by luxury travel. With an homage to romantic maximalism, elevated greatly by the impeccable set design, this was yet another lesson in weaving dream sequences.

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