Memories take us Back, Dreams take us Forward

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare‘s sonnets are eternally interlaced with my breaths, are his notions of romanticism and societal devils, which are prevalent even in vulnerable times. Which is why, the very notion of being in Venice California brought back whiffs of memoires of living in Italy and traversing it’s many cities, namely Venice.

A charming residential chapter aside, the one highlight of Venice is its historic Venice Canal District. Juxtaposed with the beach swelling with swole surfers, the grungy arthouse boardwalk and a hipster shopping district, is a historic district with man made canals and stunning dwellings. Venice was founded by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a beach resort town, emulating Venice Italy. He had dug several canals to emulate the Italian way of style in 1905, but by 1924 several were caved back in for America’s great economical boom and automotive age. However, with the ones that were saved in 1928, grand homes and dwellings rose, marking this a luxury residential district with an enchanting chapter in history.

The area is charming as it is evocative, with water from the sea gates in the Marina Del Rey breakwater. As a way to initiate a chapter while mulling over a former one, the many days and nights spent wandering through these abysses evoked many musings, framework style. As we create memories, let’s not forget to dream, too.

Memories take us back, but dreams take us forward

Sometimes, we need both. Which is why the rear view mirror exists. I never stop making memories, and never stop reflecting on their retrospective nature.

In a moment of crisis, some will build bridges, others will build dams

But truly, we all look at life through different lenses. A bridge for some provides connectivity, to others tragedy. A dam for some provides livelihood, for others takes it away. Fun Fact: all the bridges here are dissimilar to each other, adding to their architectural legacy.

Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm

Still waters run deep, but you can still swim in their shallowness. It’s all about being prepared for the depths and highs, the ripples and waves, and the alluring aggression as well as the lulling calm.

If you’ve never lost your mind you’ve never followed your heart

It is challenging to take the brain with you when you follow your heart. To find one in its most passionate depths, you have to lose the others. They meet again, eventually.

Don’t confuse symmetry with balance

Life is about having a balance of impulse and logic, beauty and sentiment, passion with compassion, and so many others that are unique to us all. Just because it’s symmetrical, does not mean it’s balanced.

Time is the only luxury

It cannot be valued, but we must value it, and we can never get it back. This is what gives rise to FOMO.

The sun sees us all day, but the moon knows our secrets

Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life and a secret life. How we distribute them from daylight to darkness is on us.

I can absolve your sins if you can mercy mine

Love is a two way street. That essentially sums it up.


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