Speak of it in Secret (or in Sin): A Chic Speakeasy Home in West Hollywood

Everyone wants it again.. either by secret or by sin. And everyone has their once upon a time.

Both of mine exist in a setting so poetic that it’s very essence evokes a sultry twirl of romance through poetry with an unlanguishing love for Los Angeles. Akin to the charming, feather ink dipped pages of a longingly written love letter.

The Temptation Island Setting

Perched on San Vicente Boulevard, a stone’s throw away from the boisterous heart of WeHo’s nightlife, and opposite the members-only establishment The San Vicente Bungalows, is just another ordinary California bungalow. At least from the forefront. Hotel 850 SVB is thus a rarity dressed in the corset of art deco; a speakeasy boutique hotel. With an entrance in the rear, which thus brings to the forefront the secrets of a bygone era, and waves of charms stronger than the currents of nearby Venice Beach. By hotelier and restaurateur Jeff Klein, the hotel redefined the essence of charm, privacy and luxury.

The Privacy Policy

With equally charming staff, no frilly noise or bellmen, and a luxurious, homely decor reminiscent of homes in the Beverly Hills, I was immediately in a tranquil, zen state from my startled adrenalin rush that LA can bring you. The laid back vibe came with a comforting sense of privacy which in itself was a treasure in a tracker prone world. I almost wondered if photos would be forbidden here, to retain it’s charm and to not bite into someone else’s forbidden fruit.

The Love Nest

Floral, foliage and seaweed wallpapered bedrooms were decked with private floral balconies or courtyards, snacks and water, with a bathroom so lusciously stocked with delights that one would feel beckoned to make love in the rain showers. Quirky giraffe lamps and bespoke printed curtains were for breezy summer soirees, wile gas fireplaces moderated by a remote for saucy nights. One particular zebra printed bathroom wallpaper left me salivating for the wild fervor of feline nights and satin fabrics.

The Morning After

The 23 rooms designed by Rita Konig were centered around a massive pastel green communal living space area perched with Assouline books, a marble fireplace, cozy mismatched couches and a canary yellow kitchenette stocked with pantry supplies, creamy pastries, silken pouch loose leaf teas, and freshly baked lemon cakes. The staff managing was dressed in Disney style aprons from Mary Poppins, an homage to the British lineage. It was, essentially, a home perched between neighboring old Hollywood glamour (like the Sunset Tower, also owned by Klein), or sleek Edition where fashionists perched high.

The Dream Sequence

My favorite spot however, was the rooftop oasis. With panoramic views over the Hollywood Hills all the way down to the mountains and skyscrapers of Downtown LA, the nightly wine hour would ensure that the pop of wine could savor the iconic LA sunset in all it’s vine bordered beauty. By sunrise, the dewy mornings were magical, with melancholic dew drops brushing the sorrows away and a light mist like a lover lying across the mountains. By sunset, the terrace was washed with citrus colors of the night as the city began to glint into laughter and light. And by night, when everyone cuddled into their own secret crevices, so did we.

Everyone wants it again.. either by secret or by sin.

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