The Vibrant Imaginations of Gypsy Sport and Ricardo Seco at NYFWM

I have always found it strange when someone asks me for my favorite color. While I often respond with red, my true response should be that I like it when I see many colors in one. A painting, a landscape, a cocktail or an outfit, I like color. Period.

Thankfully, two designers with the brightest of hues from last season returned this year to New York Fashion Week Mens (NYFWM) with an even more colorful collection each. Truly a work of vibrant imaginations.

ricardo seco new york fashion week mens nyfwm @sssourabh

Gypsy Sport‘s favorite color continued to be baby blue, albeit amplified to a brighter, almost neon quotient this time. Alongside a smurf factory of facial makeup, adding to the youthful spunk that the brand conveyed.

gypsy sport new york fashion week mens nyfwm @sssourabh

As I mentioned last season, Gypsy Sport tread the lines of androgyny and gender bending. After winning the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund prize, Rio Uribe‘s brand of 2012 showed that it would continue to challenge notions of menswear with flowing, loose fitting, eccentric and colorful clothing.

The inspiration was a hip hop and 90s one, starting with my favorite piece: eyewear. Sunset orange and rust sunglasses were seen with gigantic rhinestone and jeweled beanies, echoing what I had seen in Vegas too.

gypsy sport new york fashion week mens nyfwm @sssourabh

I liked the sporty hoodies with faux fur or plush lining, or sweatshirts made of pillowcase blanket fuzz. Patchwork trousers and pajama styles complemented each for a lazy, sporty or simply goofy look, fitting tightly at the waist and upper leg, and descending into a retro flair.

gypsy sport new york fashion week mens nyfwm @sssourabh

Turtlenecks and toggled collars for longer jackets were seen too, which while not my personal favorite for myself, are a utilitarian asset to those living in the polar vortex. The subtle and less subtle choices in color, material and style made Gypsy Sport a worthwhile experience. The collection will also be available on Amazon.

Amplifying the color quotient even further was Mexican businessman turned designer Ricardo Seco, who was inspired by the colorful ‘sarape’ scarf.

Rendered in vibrant rainbow hues, the piece itself was visible in a full length or knee length attire on some of the models. On others, sequences of striped color were taken as inspiration. Possibly classified as bohemian-street, it was the juxtaposition of jackets and neon fur, unruly collars and slim cut coats, and funky sweats that made this both wearable and fun all at once.

I particularly liked the rainbow striped disco sweater items, sometimes paired with quirky sunglasses which are always a winner. The fabric was a retro cotton and metal mix, almost Lurex-like, adding the right spunk to the night.

Motifs were common too. The staple was the explicit political piece, a tee with the inscription and cartoon of ‘I’m Mexico, Who is Trump’? The road runner of the lovers of Cartoon Network and old school television made a cameo on leather jackets and sweathshirts too, apparently a huge hit when dubbed into Latin American languages.

The sarape theme continued with accenting clothing and accessories in its hues – neon lining and fur, belts, tassels hanging off of jackets, and others that brought a punch to the usual, working as an inspired offset.

And of course there were the afterparties.

For no show is complete without mischief.

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