Menswear Picks for a Weekend Getaway

They say travel is the only thing that makes you richer.

summer travel menswear @sssourabh

With summer around the corner, its time to pick out what my key pieces for a weekend out of the city would be. Because countrysides getaways are a staple, relaxing escape from a cosmopolitan life for most of us. As an avid traveler, it is important for me to pack effectively (not necessarily light, despite all attempts to include a wardrobe of outfits in my bag).

For a versatile shirt, aside from the plethora of summer tanks and v-necks, I’d opt for the skinny version of the Players Shirt from Criquet Shirts.

criquet shirts weekend travel menswear @sssourabh

The classic style is thankfully available in a slim fit for us guys who work off Christmas at the gym starting all the way in February! With an interesting back story, it turns out that the founders had known each other since Kindergarten in Buckley’s in the New York‘s Upper East Side. Hobson Brown and Billy Nachman are now successful business partners, dads, and founders of the label that has been around since 2010.

criquet shirts weekend travel menswear @sssourabh

And here’s a fun fact: The Players shirt is the only polo out there with collar stays. For the guys that like definition. The collection is available nationwide at Country Clubs, specialty stores or online.

criquet shirts weekend travel menswear @sssourabh

For sunglasses, many know my obsession with gilded sunglasses and with a funky brand called Retro Super Future. However, for a quick weekend where I wouldn’t know what to expect, I’d play safe with my Ray Ban Clubmasters in tortoise gold.

ray ban clubmasters weekend menswear @sssourabh

Slick, classic, and a match for every outfit, they define timelessness. Having seen my own dad sport a trendier rendition since childhood, it is almost a staple family brand.

ray ban clubmasters weekend menswear @sssourabh

And lastly, I wouldn’t be anywhere without Manufaktura Cosmeticsbeer based mens grooming line, namely my facial moisturizer and face masque. Not masculine you said? Think again, these are made of beer.


A staple in my cosmetic collection from Prague, it is based on a century-old tradition as beer has vitamin B, trace elements and minerals, which support skin regeneration and boost resistance. The collection is available online, or on your next trip to the Czech Republic!

Where are you off to this summer?





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