Return of the Retro Hippie Culture with General Idea at NYFWM

Ever had an explosion of color hit your eye and make you blink?

Bright and punchy came to mind when seeing a particularly refreshing fashion show.  Formerly with a futuristic approach to travel and a ting of metal for last season, South Korean Designer Bumsuk Choi revealed color upon color for General Idea at New York Fashion Week Mens (NYFWM). Reviving the hippie culture of the 1960s and 1970s that inspired many trends, this lineup consisted of men and women in flowing, lightweight shirts, trenches, silks and trousers.

The color scheme was anything but pale – yellow and white were prominent as was royal purple and red. The combinations were respectively fresh and almost citrusy, all the way to cool and sensual.

There were touches of a light oceanic blue and a military khaki, which while relatively paler to the bolder hues, were complimented with bold striped accessories like scarves or longer trenches in darker tones, making it a fun play on color and layering.

The main takeaway was using bandana prints as allover prints, either complimented with ethnic embroidery on the cuffs and sleeves, or with a modern edge of stripes on trousers and denim. Flower power also took a prominent pedestal, with confident, light touches of graphics in playful disparity across the many looks.



Several models also sported iPhones, with a shoutout to social media with logos screaming “No post” on the back and front of some shirts. Social media has truly become a form of engagement and almost replaced the fashion experience, evident from the lack of eyes and abundance of flat screen backs in the front row. Perhaps the hippie culture would indeed return with a retro rewind to the days of conversation?

GENERAL IDEA 2018 SS #generalidea #phonosapiens #nyfw2018 #menswear #cfda

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Pictures courtesy of General Idea PR team.


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