Perched in a Floral and Metaphorical Parachute in Colorful Vegas

An oasis never really disappears, but rather swallows you up with it.

Vegas is one such spot that I simultaneously dislike for its shockingly placed up artificiality, but love for its sheer whimsy and the discrete hidden spots that hold more secrets than the seconds it takes to fly there. While I alternate my habitats, including excursions outside of the tourist infested strip, I have come to love Wynn Resorts, which holds more Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Awards than any other independent hotel company in the world, and with an open host of vegan and vegetarian bites at every eatery within.

Quite an architectural accomplishment, it has an atrium of floral tiles and floral extravagances, constructed impeccably with a fully functional carousel with white ponies, a travel friendly hot air balloon stocked with presents, and a seasonal variety of chandeliers poised like balloons in a plethora of rainbow hues that evoke much more than imagination. The rooms are equally luscious, with views overlooking the desert and the lights of the sin city.

My favorites though were the parachute themed bars, owing to the tale of being whisked away on a parachute to unchartered lands, what with my penchant for travel. Parasol Down overlooked the Lake of Dreams, an artificially made lake with seasonal performances, while Parasol Up provided panoramic views of the waterfall and the atrium. As my favorite spots to literally hang out and mingle with elites of Tiffany diamonds and Amex black cards that hit every glass table with a thud, I was found perched here daily. One of my favorite cocktails was the watermelon and grapefruit infused vodka, served tall and mighty strong, matching the pink decor of the soul and ambiance.

Vegas is a city that lives for excitement, entertainment and enchantment, but finding its hidden secrets, as well as a spot to cave into yourself, is possibly one of the finest treasures in the West.

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