An Ingredient Story From Superfoods to Pure Funk: Fancy Food Show San Francisco

Would you like an adventure now,
Or do you want your snack first?

A twist on my namesake Peter Pan‘s epic monologues is akin to my childish infatuation with theatrical setups that serve edibles and drinkables. Welcome to my next Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, where I handpick my favorite bites, themed together with the juxtaposition of ingredients that collectively deliver unbeatable taste.

Let’s just begin with desserts, since my priorities are always aligned with the demands of my sweet tooth! Funky Chunky had an adult variation of my favorite movie time childhood snacks: popcorn, chocolate, and a dash of pizzazz with the likes of salted caramel, peppermint flakes, walnuts, almonds, nuts and more! With an unexpected cluster (both by taste and size) in each bite, this was a simple take that was undeniably tasty!

Think hummus, and you are likely to be whisked way to the Middle East for breakfast and lunch. But Garden Fresh Gourmet managed to make a dark chocolate hummus. An intriguing bite, this was a bittersweet, strong and punchy pack that won me over by its sheer adventurous juxtaposition.

There were many inventive variations on dessert, but some favorites included a Mocha Latte Caramel Dessert Sauce, combining 4 cozy weather favorites into something I could smother over myself and consume in one sitting with a spoon. The CBD trend continued with Chocolatl with a crunch quinoa and CBD crunch that showed the foray of the relaxant into a natural mood booster, a logical step for a company powered by superfoods.

Speaking of superfoods, the inventive Indian origin spin on turmeric married nicely with collagen peptides for an ayurvedic blend by Turveda, which debuted its powder variant as a supplement to its array of glass bottled juices.  Navitas Organics added more portability to everyone’s favorite turmeric trend with a take home plant based latte in a portable pouch.

Of the energy bar variety, the contemporary and structured packaging of R.E.D.D. (Radiant Energy Deliciously Delivered) made for a design win. The decorative silver added movement in an aisle cluttered with beefy claims, and the flavors were simple yet tasty, owing to the clean labelling and short handful of fresh ingredients.

Moving onto savory, with my penchant for Thai cuisine, founder Watcharee‘s impressive collection of sauces made for a tasty bit. While I sampled the pad thai, it was the sweet nuttiness of the massaman curry that drove me nuts, literally.

Of the array of hearty Italian bites, much to my recent infatuations at MFW, Mamma Emma‘s spinach gnocchi was a favorite, with a bittery leafy undertaste that cut the doughy potato flavor so well. The freshly made station serving it with broccoli in parmesan sauce was a succulent bonus.

Moving on to liquors and wines, Tou’s of Thailand drink mixes served some mixology owing to their inventive line up of drink mixes from tamarind to cherry blossom, adding a creative kick to many classic gin and margarita drinks, accompanied by color coordinated custom salts and sugars.

And while I liked the floral cocktail kit for whiskey lovers with all natural additives, I couldn’t help but wonder where the sparkling wine world was going with a watermelon infusion by Stella Rosa! Inventiveness to the forefront, and juxtaposition not far behind.

And thus ended a fun weekend in my favorite culinary city San Francisco, not without the cheeky Humphrey Slocombe churning out condoms with “Lick It” alongside quirky scoops of ice cream! Lick those lips, sweetie, for I cannot wait till next season.


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