Hollywood Glamour on the Californian Riviera

The charming Californian Riviera, swooned over for years by yours truly, presented a new pink crevice amidst a sultry sunset in San Diego, California, at La Valencia Hotel, aptly flirting to my sensibilities as the Pink Palace (a rechristening of the Pink Lady).

Overlooking the coastline and Pacific Ocean, it is a historic property which opened in December 1926. The style is undoubtedly vintage and elegant with its Mediterranean style architecture of pinks and whites saturated with natural greenery that gets splashed with sunrise and sunset colors. With a history of having served as a lookout in World War II, with an iconic sun balcony with a windswept tower frequented by the affluent gentry.

I spent many hours in the Sky Room, with panoramic views of the Pacific and a romantic ambiance with resplendent eats. Finely matching the ambiance, I sported my Print All Over Me jackets, hats, accessories and an assortment of eyewear from my unlimited collection. Plus, sparkling pink rose wine as a staple.

The brunches commenced with an ambiance fitting pink velvet waffle with vanilla cream cheese frosting with strawberry compote, macadamia nuts and orange peel butter. While it tasted just like the original, the taste of berries and citrus cut the creaminess aptly.

I personally preferred the remixed peanut butter and jelly sandwich which transformed into a PBJ French toast brioche, concord grape compote, spiced peanuts. While humungous to match American standards of XL, the taste was on point, with a sweet grape contrasting the salty spice of the crunchy nuts. Plus, eye candy galore!

But my favorite was the stunning gastronomy and art at play with a passion fruit and almond sable cookie, coconut cream pearls, candied cashews, mango white chocolate sphere! A tropical paradise, it was the interactiveness of breaking open the sphere to reveal a mock egg with passion fruit cream that had my imagination on fire. Plus, the fresh, citrusy tastes made me momentarily forget my love for indulgent chocolate and swoon over this dessert.

Comparatively, the savory options were equally beautiful but not as gastronomically advanced. The vegan jackfruit avocado toast, radish, lemon, orange ‘caviar’, avocado cream was overwhelmingly avocado, which in itself was a fresh taste of California. The vegan soyrizo scramble constituted of a plethora of ingredients including pasilla, avocado, red potato, cilantro, spinach, sour cream, and picked onion. However, a one note salty taste made it a hearty but average bite, especially compared to the inventive sweet options.

I quite liked trudging into the sunset with a variety of colorful outfits, courtesy of my favorite Print All Over Me. Who wouldn’t like stepping back into time with a pink hue?

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