When Mountainous Travels Evoke Fashion Inspiration Vivienne Tam at NYFW

As a travel connoisseur, I was thrilled that a spiritual expedition through the Himalayas and Tibet formulated the core inspiration for Vivienne Tam‘s runway collection. The same designer who chose Hong Kong Nightlife and Texan cowboys and NASA as inspirations for last season’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway show.

As a contrast to the bold collections, this one evoked an essence of love, discovery, art, culture and took inspiration from indigenous people. The colors were thus nature inspired, from oranges and earthy khakis to my favorite reds. There were also turquoises and forest greens which were further inspired by nature’s realms. In terms of fabric, there were classic silk shirts and dresses, corduroy jackets as well as accents of lace and mesh spotted. However, the most catchy was the juxtaposition of patterns that were inherently in bold contrast. Much like other shows where layers upon layers made for a new look, there were florals with fur, stripes with frays, sequins with plaid, and an overall bohemian and indigenous country feel to the entire collection. The silhouettes were loose and often asymmetric, with cinched belts on jackets, puffy sleeves, pleats or wide leg trousers, overall boxy coats and trenches, and flared skirts. The pieces could easily be worn separately for a toned down effect, or altogether for a statement. I personally liked the clashing pairings of leather with lace, fur with floral, and a closing number of what looked like hand knit lace in my favorite hue red.















Vivienne Tam has always merged fashion and technology, and I learned after the show that she integrated smart textiles and wearable electronics into the entire collection! This included removable pieces of smart, conductive fabric with a power source to keep the wearer warm. Truly a tribute to fashion meeting technology, and one which could hopefully rectify the ‘my battery is dead’ syndrome in the near future!


Supplementary images by WWD.

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