Open the Windows Wider: Staying in Style in the Southern Tip of Manhattan

“Architecture is just the art we live in.”

Finding myself in a concrete jungle is home, but seeing an icon and a city so glittering with lights called home, but with not enough people to change a mere lightbulb, I found the southern tip of Manhattan to be quite a revitalizing spotlight for a quick staycation in New York. Situated in the heart of the green churning Financial District is the W Downtown, adding to the list of W Hotels that I have flocked to aplenty. Powered by the Wall Street crowd and Gotham glam, it has a pulsating feel.

Several rooms have windows that yawn open to the Big Apple itself, several facing the Freedom Tower and its iconic history. The rooms themselves are laced with classic W style red and silver cushions, LED lighting, metallic wall coverings and the usual modernist, innovative interiors. The bathrooms with their frosted glass mirrors, Bliss Spa amenities and un-lockable doors added to the mischief factor. The looks of the day were spent sprawling in pajamas or matching red jeans in the unusually warm climate of an approaching summer in the city, and a fitness regimen to match.

While I did not have a chance to lounge in the lounge itself, it was the fifth floor lobby, dressed in waves of neon lights that was most enticing, down to the hypnotic reflective floors, the marine inspired architecture, the smooth tunes and the British bulldog holding a packet of teas that was quite identical to my mood. The space was ideal for unbeatable Financial District views and surely generated a striking balance with nightlife.

At the end of the day, the views were what drew me most into this hotel, with sunrise to sunset views of a historic landmark, serviced with hospitable staff and decked with cheery, snazzy interiors. Plus, not to forget my unisex metallic tiger sequin bag designed by Simitri Designs. The brand has handmade bags made in India, and this one comprised of a sequined symbolic tiger head, a tote that carried my secrets. Plus, with a unisex nature and supporting artists and hand crafts, it was an all rounded feeling of doing good.

And thus ended a final sunset, a final footstep, and a luscious staycation.

As they say,
Your eyes will show you my face,
But it’s your mind that will tell you my story.

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