Paint it Neon #AtTheMoxy Times Square for New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

New York is not a concrete jungle but a human zoo.

Particularly during New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which is an often energy fueled and relentlessly tiring showreel of parties, fashion, liquor and of course, outfits, and where a staycation in the home city is much mandated. Amidst it all, finding a place to let your hair down is essential. Which is why the neon pink sign of the Moxy Times Square was most inviting for a stay in this glittery season. While I would often refrain from the Times Square area, this one provided a neat geography and cozy quiet in the southern part. Perfect.

Designed by Yabu Pushelberg, the minimalist but extremely stylish decor featured comfy beds with quirky decor, a vintage theme with walls, art and even cleverly digitized rotary phones, and walk in showers with mirrors aplenty. The technology element was leveraged from automated elevators to screen casting to really anything across the plethora of amenities for co-working, play and mischievous fun. I obviously matched the retro phone to my Tom Ford pants for parties and beyond.

There were also neat nods to progressive politics like the ‘anybody’ bathroom signage, as well as a play on words throughout the property, like ‘Walk All Over Me’ entry mats!

While I did not have much time to explore amenities, one event at the rooftop was captured by the BFA with yours truly in vintage Paul Smith.

As they say,
Your eyes will show you my face,
But it’s your mind that will tell you my story.

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